Market   Motor: $1.13 Cooking: $0.68
Gallons Collected :

Marketplace Membership

Once you become a member of the marketplace you will never have to pay for software upgrades or get stuck with an outdated version of our software. We constantly solicit feedback from our user base through our feedback portal where you can submit support tickets, propose ideas, or vote on other user’s feature suggestions. We then implement your requests to keep the software fresh and in line with current trends in the industry.

Seal of Approval

StayGreen Oil delivers assurance with each transaction that all users meet or exceed our standards of membership. When you see the StayGreen Seal of Approval you know you can trust the source.

When you join our marketplace you get all the benefits of a custom enterprise resource planning system without the expense. There is never a cost to join and you can forget about ongoing monthly membership fees. StayGreen makes money by collecting a small fee each time buyers and sellers transact through our system. Once we collect the payment from the buyer we gather our fee and release the funds to the seller.

In addition to our state of the art auction platform you get a full suite of analytics built right into the system so that you can visualize your data. Our reports dashboard turns your data into a predictive analytics tool so that you can forecast your future revenues or supply. You can also build specific reports by customer, data and location with just a few clicks.

"I have been in the oil change business for over 25 years.  I came across StayGreen Oil through a referral and was blown away. Now I’m using StayGreen Oil to manage my waste oil for my 44 stores located in four states. I have been very impressed with how easy the process is and how they’ve been able to get me pricing for waste oil I never thought possible! Before, I would have to contact the various waste haulers in the different states and see what prices they were offering and try to negotiate.  Now, with a mere click of a mouse, I can get bids from oil companies from all over the country. They have been an extremely pleasant surprise; saving me time and helping me make more on waste oil. I would highly recommend StayGreen Oil to anyone in the industry."


Tom Chambasian
President, Super-Lube