Market   Motor: $1.13 Cooking: $0.68
Gallons Collected :


StayGreen Oil is an aggressive growth business and welcomes inquires from potential investors. If you would like to learn more about our offering please complete the Contact Form and a member of our leadership team will respond.

Our current investors include:

StayGreen Oil applied for and was accepted into the Abbeton Accelerator Fund, a Sarasota-based business investment pool. Backed by local business people and with an emphasis on businesses in the high tech sector, the Abbeton Accelerator Fund assists new ventures by funding the purchase of concrete assets.

Abbeton-invested businesses must meet certain requirements to be accepted into the fund, including demonstrating regional or national appeal and having the ability to make sales shortly after launching. With its global scale and disruptive business model, StayGreen Oil fits in seamlessly with the Abbeton core values.